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Iraq Map & Sites

The cultural formation of Iraq was distinguished for its originality and continuity, which gave its civilizations a uniformity of its own. This partly explains why it was a focal point from which radiated sciences and arts that contributed to the progress of many parts of the world.

Iraq was one of the first regions in the world to create the bases of cultural and social stability. 8000 years ago, in the Neolithic age, villages were set up where man learnt farming, animal husbandry, house building, weaving, pottery, and even the making of art objects by painting and sculpture.

Interactive Map of Iraq

Map of Iraq
BaghdadMosulAgargoafAssur (Ashur)Babylon
KerbalaKhorsabadKishNajafNimrud (Calah)
NinevehQurnaSamarraThe MarshesUkhaidhir
UrUruk (Akkad)   

Jarmo, in Chamchamal in Taamim province, is one of the earliest villages of man. In places such as Hassouna, Um Al-Dabbaghiya near Hatra, Matara and Tel Al-Suwan, excellent finds that goes back some 8000 years have been unearthed; which now grace museums at home and abroad.

It is interesting to note that Mesopotamian man, who lived in Shanidar Cave (near Arbil) nearly 50,000 years ago, displayed a special sense of beauty: he strewed flowers on the graves of the dead - a thing never observed by archaeologists anywhere else in the world.

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