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Khorsabad, Iraq

Khorsabad or Dar Sharrukin is the 4th capital of the Kingdom of Assyria, located 15 km to the north east of Mosul, and built by King Sargon II (722-705 BC) as a center of his reign.

It was constructed with a square form surrounded by a fence that comprises 150 towers and 8 entrances. Each one of the entrances was decorated by several winged bulls and has a name deduced from one of the Assyrians kings' names.

Relief of Attendants Carrying a Desk and a Bed

The most famous sites in Khorsabad are the Palace of the King, the departments close to it, and several nearby temples like the recently reconstructed Temple of the Sibitti "The Seven Gods" (usually represented by seven small spheres on cylinder seals).

The Ziggurat is situated behind these temples on the northern west side. It has spiral staircases which surround the body of the Ziggurat.

The inside walls of the King's Palace were covered with magnificent marble and some bronze bas-relieves, which was taken by archaeologists to the Louvre in the last century. The massive winged bulls that guarded the doorways was also scattered over a number of museums in the World. Two of them are in the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad.

Ironically, this city was not lived in for long as King Sargon II was killed only one year after he had moved into it, and his son Sennacherib went back to Nineveh and carried away with him many of its sculptures to decorate his palace there.

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