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Holyland Map & Sites

Holyland is a fascinating country forming a unique backdrop to people with different personalities and religious backgrounds. This is a land at the crossroads of history where profound beliefs, aspirations, and ideas have been realized. In order to appreciate and understand the Holyland, one must "see the land, what it is..." and visit the religious and archaeological sites to absorb its history.

It is unique in the sense of the values it represents, whether they are cultural, scientific or geographic. It is a junction on the Eastern Shore of the Mediterranean, joining the 3 continents of ancient World.

Holyland is at the heart of a global network of land, air and sea routes. Even those who do not have the chance to travel surely long for the birthplace of divine messages, miracles and prophets. History could be said to have originated in the Holyland, with its many pages full of stories about battles and revolutions that were regarded as turning points in the course of world events.

Interactive Map of Holyland

Map of Holyland

Jerusalem (Al-Quds)BethlehemBethany (Al-Ezareyya)Hebron (Al-Khalil)Nablus
Sebaste (Samaria)JeninGazaJericho (Ariha)Nazareth
Akko (Acre)HaifaTel Aviv - Jaffa (Yafo)The Sea of GalileeEin Karem

Holyland is blessed and characterized with an immense and outstanding range of tourist appeals. These are based on an exotic blend of the religious, historical, cultural and archaeological sites and inherent interests of ancient towns and varied scenery. The visitor encounters the remarkable physical contrasts that exist in The Holyland. In a few hours time, one can move from the sun-waved seashores to the snow capped mountains, from lush forests to scenic desert scopes.

Holyland is probably the only place in the world where geography and history are so closely cross-linked. Every inch of the land has a story to tell, every hill the scene of a battle, and every stone a monument or tomb. One cannot understand the geography of the Holyland without knowing its history and one cannot understand its history without knowing its geography. The Holyland always has been and is still making history, providing lessons for fixture generations to learn. In the process it extends the warmth of welcome and hospitality that are an age old characteristic of the Holyland people.

Distance between cities in KM

 BethlehemNablusHebronJerichoJerusalemGazaTel Aviv - Jaffa
Bethlehem 722643108673
Nablus72 99786313457
Hebron2699 673794100
Jericho437867 3613698
Jerusalem10633736 9263
Gaza861349413692 82
Tel Aviv - Jaffa7357100986382 

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